Wood-Castle Hotel Reviews

Built adjacent to the swimming pool and designed to complement its tranquil surroundings, Spa at Wood Castle Spa & Resort takes you to a place where the harmony and calm of nature and the soothing rhythm of the rejuvenating atmosphere uplifts all your senses. This exclusive Wood Castle Spa, encased with floor-to-ceiling well furnished ambience and beautifully finished in teak, is unique in its offering of the full facilities of a commercial spa, including an outdoor plunge pool, indoor Jacuzzi, Vichy shower, steam room, wet and dry massage areas, and manicure, pedicure and cream bath stations, all for your own private use.
Our resident professional therapists are at hand to pamper you with a complete range of signature treatments, based on traditional health and beauty remedies, to invigorate your body and mind. Our treatments use 100% natural oils and local herbs and plants grown and blended exclusively for our spa.
Massages in general improve the circulation of blood and thus energize the body and mind. This is beneficial for the diseased as well as healthy people. Massages using tested Ayurvedic preparations are done at our centre by well-trained therapists under the guidance of experts in the field of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic treatments
Thai Therapies
This ancient healing art incorporates muscle stretching, compression, reflexology & acupressure. Rhythmic movements along energy pathways enable the body to relax, increasing flexibility.

Aroma Massage
This wonderful massage helps to relieve tension and headaches relaxing taut and aching muscles and banishing insomnia.

Rejuvenation massage
This is a special massage for relaxation with herbal oils to detoxify, nourish and revitalize the body.

A massage with comfortable strokes along with the application of medicated oils.

A specialised herbal treatment for weight reduction/cellulite reduction.

A unique Ayurvedic procedure. In Shirodhara, medicated warm oil, herbal infusions or medicated milk/buttermilk, are continually poured on the forehead for 20 to 40 minutes.

Elakizhi /Patra Pinda Sweda
A highly rejuvenating treatment in which several herbal ingredients are tied and dipped into warm medicated oil and simultaneously massaged.


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