Things To Do

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The environs of this place make it simply incredible and nothing could be a better way to explore the lushness of this place than by going on a nature trek. This adventure recreation allows a delightful experience in the middle of the nature’s exquisiteness.

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Rappelling is a method of controlled descent from a clip with the help of a rope. This activity is counted among the prominent adventure activities in Jim Corbett National Park.

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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an adventure sport where the adventurers climb up and cross a rock formation. The adventure freaks undertake rock climbing to reach the uppermost point the rock without falling down. When a tourist is in Corbett, apart from animal and bird watching

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River Crossing

River crossing refers to crossing the river while hanging on a rope tied from one end to the other of the river. It is a great fun crossing a river on a rope. Jim Corbett National Park, having rivers like Ramganga and Kosi in close proximity, provides ample options to the adventurers for river rafting and traversing. 

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River Rafting

River rafting in Jim Corbett is done near some of the most exquisite topographies offered by the Garhwal Himalayas. Clean beaches, rock-studded rapids, convergences of the rivers, fascinating ravines

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Bird Watching

Bird watching, one of the most fascinating hobbies which has gained more momentum over the recent past years. Bird Watching is also considered and in fact has become a great source of recreation.